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Back in Time to New Hampshire's Past
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Historic Sites in New Hampshire
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Fall Foliage
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Wild, Wacky Weather in New Hampshire
By Brady, Thomas, and Lucas
Do you know what it is like to be in 157 mph winds with debris flying around you? You are in a tornado. Tornadoes are dangerous and can take lives very easily.
At least one or two tornadoes hit New Hampshire a year. One day on September 1821 an F4 hit New Hampshire, it killed six people, injured hundreds and left thousands of people homeless. Seventy-seven tornadoes hit New Hampshire from 1950-1995. They were all at different times. On July 3, 1997 lots of tornadoes hit the southwestern portion of New Hampshire.

Tornadoes can happen in any part of the country. Tornadoes happen when cold air reaches hot air or if there is a very bad storm coming.
Now you realize how dangerous tornadoes can be. Hope you don’t get in one.

Every year we get 5 feet of snow for average. Some years we get a blizzard. Blizzards are created on the northwest side of a storm, with high and low pressure creating strong winds. Blizzards are usually below 20 degrees and winds above 35 mph. A severe blizzard has temperatures lower than 10 degrees, and winds above 45 mph.

The blizzard of 78’ was from February 5th to February 7th. The damage cost almost a million dollars. In some places there was 3 feet of snow!
Along time ago we had the Blizzard of 1888. It hit all of Northeast Atlantic, and all of NH. Keene had 36 inches of snow. Some animals froze to death. But that’s some years!

Lots of hurricanes have hit New Hampshire. Only two have been direct hits but lots have hit. Hundreds injured, some killed. Hurricanes can be very dangerous but in you know what to do you can survive one. . Hurricane Earl hit the coast of New Hampshire less than I year ago. Hurricane Gloria hit Hampton Beach in September 1985. Hurricanes Hugo hit New Hampshire in 1989. Next Hurricane Bob hit New Hampshire.
Did you know that hurricanes have to be at least 74 mph to be a hurricane? The official hurricanes season is June 1st to November 30th. But watch out because hurricanes can happen any time the year if you live near water. Hurricanes always rotate counter-clockwise around the eye. The eye of a hurricane is the calmest part of the hurricanes at winds about 20-40mph. Around the eye is the eye wall which is made of tall thunderstorms.
F5 hurricanes have at least 155 mph winds. The damage that hurricanes are making is increasing but satellites are helping to predict when a hurricane will happen. Hurricanes that happen in the Pacific Ocean are most common but they can happen in the Southern Atlantic, Caribbean Sea, The Gulf of Mexico and in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Hurricanes can happen in lots of places so you need to know what to do if one hits your house.

New Hampshire Climate Data

Maximum average temperature was in July. It was 82 degrees.
Minimum average temperature was 7 degrees in January.
Maximum average Perception was 3.70 in November.
Record high was 102 in July
Record low was -37 February.

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