Col. Eli Lilly began a pharmaceutical company years ago in Indianapolis. Many of our parents work there today!

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Interviewing Grandma
By Lenna
Q. What toys were “in” as a child? A. Barbie’s, board games, jacks, jump rope, Mr. Potato Head, and Chatty Cathy (she talks).
Q. What landscape changes have you seen change in Indiana since you where a kid?
A. There are definitely less trees now and by far more houses and neighborhoods.
Q. What chores did you have?
A. Clean my room, shovel snow, rake leaves, and help in the kitchen.
Q.. Is it safer now or was it safer as a child?
A. It was definitely safer as a child. I could do anything without my mother worrying about me.
Q. Are there more schools now or when you where a child?
A. There are more schools now then as a child.
Q. What did you want to be in High School?
A. I wanted to be a speech and hearing therapist.
Q. Where the TVs. Black and white?
A. Yes, but when I was older we got colored TV.
Q. What music was “in”?
A. Beatles and Beach Boys.
Q. What food did everyone like?
A. Hamburgers, fried chicken, brownies, and corn on the cob.
Q. How expensive was gas?
A. $0.20 a gallon.

Interview By: Emma
Q. Were in Indiana were you born?
A.. Around New Castle in Mount Summit on a farm.
Q. Were there as many schools when you were a kid?
A. No, there were more schools. There are more schools because when I was a kid there were smaller schools and more of them.
Q. How were schools different?
A. The hours were the same the only differences were there was no middle schools and no computers.
Q. What hobbies did you have as a child?
A. Taking care of my animal’s baseball and hunting.
Q. What games did you play as a child?
A. I played red light green light and tag.
Q. What foods did you eat as a child?
A. Ham, ribs, hamburgers, steak, milk, butter, green beans, corn, eggs, and chicken.
Q. What chores did you have as a child?
A. I had to take care of my rabbits and chickens, prepare the eggs, and milk my 14 cows two times a day.
Q. How has Indiana changed?
A. There are Interstate highways more people smaller cities and drugs.
Q. What was “In” when you were a child?
A. Hair styles like Elvis Presley, poodle skirts and pink and black clothing.
Q. How has the landscape changed?
A. The Cities have expanded there are more houses and more trees. There are more trees because there weren’t any forest reserves when I was a child.

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln lived in Indiana? Click above to hear Christopher,Alec, and Jacob tell about Lincoln's life.
Monon Trail
by Kailey and Lily
The Monon Trail is a trail that runs through down-town Carmel, Indiana and beyond. There are smaller branches off the Monon such as the Hagan Burke Trail. Lining the sides of the Monon are many stores and restaurants, also scattered throughout it are statues of people in action. The Monon is a place where you can walk, run, bike, etc.. We went to the Monon and took pictures of the beautiful scenery and people exercising in it. Then in our art class we made collages by cutting out colored paper and gluing to a picture of the Monon, and then we put them together to create one big picture.